Planning your decorating project

July 28th, 2014, by msswebmin

Looking to save money by decorating that kitchen / bathroom / living room / bed room? Poor planning and preparationĀ could result in that decorating having to be done all over again or even worse put your health at risk.

Just take a look at some of these decorating disasters:

do it yourself bathtub refinishing and strip kit gone horribly

DIY bathtub refinishing and strip kit gone horribly wrong

Painting gone horribly wrong

Painting gone horribly wrong

These decorating disasters give meaning to the term ‘leave it to professional decorator’.

Don’t trust a novice decorator

Hiring a novice decorator who isn’t insured or doesn’t have the experience & skills required to do the job could put you in a worse situation than if the work was done by yourself. Even worse you’re likely to lose a lot more money.

Planning & preparation

Martin Evans Specialist Decorators understand how much hard work and precision planning is needed to produce a high quality painting & decorating finish. To do this Martin Evans discusses in detail your painting and decoration requirements where the consultation is complimentary and without obligation. During the planning stages Martin Evans will take down measurements of the required areas which are used to calculate the quantity of products needed for the job. From that he can work out an estimate completion date that will not compromise on quality.


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